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Tellus is an innovative Australian infrastructure development company in the business of creating economic, social and environmental value from waste, clay and salt resources. Tellus is currently developing the Sandy Ridge near surface geological repository located 240km by road North West of Kalgoorlie. The company plans to permanently isolate hazardous wastes including NORM and Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources through a combination of methodologies including borehole and in-cell disposal in accordance with IAEA best practice

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Founded in 1959, we boast a global influence and are one of the top programs in the United States. We are known for our progressive research, large-scale test facilities, and industry and governmental partnerships. With students and faculty from around the globe, and more than 1,300 alumni living and working in the United States and abroad, we are driving the future of nuclear science through engineering and health physics. Learn more at ne.oregonstate.edu.

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For 146 years, Rio Tinto has been pioneering the production of materials essential to human progress.

Our minerals and metals help make modern life work. They are found in smartphones, planes, cars, hospitals and throughout the home.

Through the products we deliver, and the partnerships we create and nurture, Rio Tinto works to make a difference in local communities and in the world at large.

By investing throughout the cycle, we have developed a suite of high-quality, expandable assets that are positioned for decades of premium production.

We continue to pioneer progress for a better future. Every day, we look for ways to make our business stronger – driving productivity and performance from mine through to market.

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ANSTO leverages great science to deliver big outcomes. We partner with scientists and engineers and apply new technologies to provide real-world benefits.

Our work improves human health, saves lives, builds our industries and protects the environment.

ANSTO is the home of Australia’s most significant landmark and national infrastructure for research. Thousands of scientists from industry and academia benefit from gaining access to state-of-the-art instruments every year.

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The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is South Australia’s independent environment protection regulator. We safeguard communities and the environment through the risk-based regulation of pollution, waste, noise and radiation.
As part of meeting our responsibilities we work closely with industry, the community and across government to protect our unique natural environment while supporting economic growth and improving wellbeing.

We work to ensure that the community and industry can safely access the benefits of radiation, in medicine, mining including uranium, industry and research applications. We monitor radiation management by operators to ensure the safe use, transport, storage and disposal of radioactive substances.

We administer the Environment Protection Act 1993 and the Radiation Protection and Control Act 1982, as well as developing environmental guidelines, policies and codes of practice.

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The Department for Energy and Mining exists to deliver affordable, reliable and secure energy supplies in a transitioning national energy market, and to responsibly unlock the value and opportunities offered by South Australia’s mineral and energy resources.

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Camrad Radiation Services provides boutique radiation safety services for the use of radiation. We offer over 20 years of radiation protection experience. We provide Radiation Safety Officer services, regulatory compliance advice, radiation dose monitoring and exposure assessment. We can provide expert knowledge for protection from radiation in a range of situations. We can prepare the radiation dose and risk assessment report for your research project.

Camrad Radiation Services is proud to be a corporate member of the Australasian Radiation Protection Society and to support the activities of ARPS. Contact us at [email protected] or visit our website.

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Safe Radiation was established in 2006. In 2013 we constructed a new laboratory. Our work is related to:

  • NORM site rehabilitation, and resource development
  • Radioisotope analysis of soil and water samples
  • Radiation meter calibration, checks and repairs
  • Industrial radiation safety,
  • Assessment of premises, and radiation emitting devices
  • Supply of radiation safety equipment
  • Radiation safety training

Safe Radiation is dedicated to helping you with your radiation safety needs.

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Environmental Health Australia (EHA) is the premier environmental health professional organisation in Australia which advocates environmental health issues and represents the professional interests of all environmental health practitioners. EHA is a member of the International Federation of Environmental Health and committed to the professional development and status of its members. We work towards the enhancement of environmental health standards and services to the community through advocacy, promotion, education and leadership.

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The Australian Nuclear Association Inc (ANA) is an independent incorporated scientific institution which promotes the knowledge and practice of the peaceful, safe and effective use of nuclear science and technology to benefit people, science and the environment.