ADM Nuclear Technologies is part of the ADM Systems Group – a family run business that was established in 1986 by Managing Director Glenn Bates. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, ADM proudly offers Thermo Scientific radiation detection and monitoring solutions. We also offer extensive service and technical support, source acquisition and disposal, NORM monitoring solutions, shielding materials, irradiation systems, Ashland irradiation indicators, and a range of non-ionising radiation detection and monitoring equipment.


ANSTO leverages great science to deliver big outcomes. We partner with scientists and engineers and apply new technologies to provide real-world benefits.

Our work improves human health, saves lives, builds our industries and protects the environment.

ANSTO is the home of Australia’s most significant landmark and national infrastructure for research. Thousands of scientists from industry and academia benefit from gaining access to state-of-the-art instruments every year.


The Australasian College of Physical Scientists & Engineers in Medicine (ACPSEM) proudly supports the 5th International Symposium on the Systems of Radiological Protection in Adelaide. We congratulate all radiation safety professionals on their achievements in protecting the community.

ACPSEM is a joint sponsor of the Certification in Radiation Protection offered by The Australasian Radiation Protection Accreditation Board (ARPAB). If you are interested in achieving this certification, please contact the ACPSEM office by email at [email protected].


Australian Young Generation in Nuclear (AusYGN) is a not-for-profit organisation committed to ensuring all Australians continue to gain the maximum benefit from nuclear science and technology by engaging and supporting young Australians in the nuclear industry. AusYGN aims to:

  • Develop and expand a network of young nuclear professionals and students within Australia.
  • Promote the peaceful uses and benefits of nuclear science and technology.
  • Promote the transfer of knowledge between different generations and groups of nuclear professionals.
  • Create professional development opportunities for young Australians in the nuclear industry.
  • Draw more young professionals and students into a career in STEMM.


CAEN SyS is the new Systems & Spectroscopy Division of CAEN Spa. Such division relies upon an extremely strong foundational knowledge of nuclear measurement instrumentation in developing Radiation Measurements Systems and Spectroscopy Solutions. These systems and solutions are perfectly suited to operations involving Nuclear Fuel Facilities, Nuclear Power Plants, Measurements Laboratories, and Security Applications.

CAEN SyS Systems & Spectroscopy division is built upon CAEN traditions of teamwork and partnership. Decades of collaboration and co-development with very large international research projects (LHC@CERN, ALMA@ESO, DEAP@SNOLAB, ICARUS@LNGS, XMASS@Kamioka …) have maximized our capability to translate a customer’s needs and expectations into cost-effective and reliable solutions.

CAEN SyS Systems & Spectroscopy division is committed to delivering exceptional nuclear measurement instrumentation, expertise, and technical support.


ESR (the Institute of Environmental Science and Research) is New Zealand’s Crown Research Institute that specialises in science relating to people and communities. It’s our science that helps protect New Zealand’s people, environment and industries by supporting the safe and beneficial use of radiation and radioactive materials.

ESR employs around 400 expert minds whose independent scientific advice and services help improve our collective economic and social wellbeing. Our experts work with a wide range of private and public sector clients to provide advice, services and research capability on public, occupational and medical exposure to radiation, radiation safety, performance assessment of radiation protection equipment and the measurement of naturally occurring and man-made low-level radiation and radioactivity.


Historion® is the toolbox of choice for compliance, record keeping, audits, research and regulation of occupational exposure to radiation. Historion manages all aspects of ionising apparatus and associated safety equipment.

Historion® is the only commercially available radiation safety software supporting creation of data submissions for the Australian National Radiation Dose Register, able to convert the radiation dose readings from a dozen dosimetry provider formats.

Designed by Radiation Safety Professionals for Radiation Safety Professions, Historion® includes a wide range of convenient, time saving data tools that free up the time needed to focus on Radiation Safety properly.


The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), and the Canadian Radiation Protection Association (CRPA), are excited to welcome you to ICRP 2021 in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Attendees will also get the opportunity to experience CRPA’s 2021 Annual Meeting.

With the breathtaking views from the Westin Bayshore in downtown Vancouver, the hosts look forward to seeing you for another world-class programme at ICRP’s biennial symposia series.


InMed Healthcare has over 25 years’ experience in the radiation protection market and we’re proud of our extensive range of quality products and equipment from our trusted partner brands such as Raysafe, Polimaster and Leeds Test Objects.

With local support in most states we are positioned to support everything
we sell with highly trained staff. Our broad portfolio of products encompasses the most respected global leading brands as well as our own InMed products.


The Australasian Radiation Protection Society is bidding for IRPA 2028 to come to Auckland, New Zealand!

The stunningly beautiful land of the long white cloud Aotearoa awaits you as the Australasian Radiation Protection Society, in true ANZAC spirit with our Kiwi colleagues, invites radiation protection professionals worldwide to support the ARPS Bid for the 17th IRPA Congress to come back down under in New Zealand.

Speak to an ARPS member, tell your national Society President that you want IRPA 2028 to come to Auckland! We will be presenting our ARPS Bid formally at IRPA 24 in Seoul, Korea and need your support to encourage your national Society to formally support ARPS hosting the IRPA 2028 Congress in New Zealand.


Landauer Australasia has now become a wholly independent subsidiary of Landauer Inc. based in Chicago, USA since December 2013. Landauer is the global leader in radiation science and services and has over 55 years of continuous industry service. The company provides integrated radiation safety products and services, including occupational radiation monitoring, professional medical physics, quality medical products, and market-leading radiation dosimetry technology to measure and monitor radiation exposure.

Landauer Australasia intends to build on the company’s firm commitment in providing radiation dosimetry solutions and continue to provide an exemplary customer experience for our customers.


Founded in 1959, we boast a global influence and are one of the top programs in the United States. We are known for our progressive research, large-scale test facilities, and industry and governmental partnerships. With students and faculty from around the globe, and more than 1,300 alumni living and working in the United States and abroad, we are driving the future of nuclear science through engineering and health physics. Learn more at ne.oregonstate.edu.


Radiation Saunders supplies instruments used in nuclear science, medical, industrial, mining, environmental, defence and educational markets for detecting, measuring and monitoring ionising radiation. The company’s focus is on prompt service and ensuring client’s needs are met with the most appropriate instruments.


The Radiation Safety Institute of Canada is an independent internationally recognized not-for-profit organization. Founded in 1981 to address excessive radiation exposure in Canadian uranium mines in the 1950s’, 60s and 70’s, today it offers a wide array of educational programs and consulting services in radiation safety, as well as radiation monitoring services to uranium and non-uranium mines in Canada and Australia. Our Personal Alpha Dosimetry program measures individual worker exposures to radon progeny and radioactive dust using dosimeters that are both accurate and designed to withstand harsh mining underground conditions. Our programs promote radiation safety and reduce occupational cancer risks.


Radtronics specialises in radiation instrumentation for nuclear medicine, research, homeland security, military applications and industry. We are proud of our reputation as a leading Australian radiation safety solution distributor and service agent.

Radtronics is the exclusive Australian Distributor for reputable quality manufacturers Mirion Technologies and Rotem Industries for radiation instrumentation solutions. With over fifty years combined experience, we offer a quality range of equipment, systems, application support & local maintenance programs and calibration services.


For 146 years, Rio Tinto has been pioneering the production of materials essential to human progress.

Our minerals and metals help make modern life work. They are found in smartphones, planes, cars, hospitals and throughout the home.

Through the products we deliver, and the partnerships we create and nurture, Rio Tinto works to make a difference in local communities and in the world at large.

By investing throughout the cycle, we have developed a suite of high-quality, expandable assets that are positioned for decades of premium production.

We continue to pioneer progress for a better future. Every day, we look for ways to make our business stronger – driving productivity and performance from mine through to market.


SensaWeb provides a complete real-time radiation monitoring solution connected to an automated reporting, notification and display interface.

SensaWeb offers the entire radiation management solution, including wall and deployable radiation monitors, connected to a powerful reporting platform, immediately viewable on smartphones and computers. This enables facilities to monitor and report area and personal exposures automatically, with inbuilt alerts sent directly to stakeholders’ devices. Customised reporting simplifies processes and reduces administrative burden for all ALARA activities.


Tellus is an innovative Australian infrastructure development company in the business of creating economic, social and environmental value from waste, clay and salt resources. Tellus is currently developing the Sandy Ridge near surface geological repository located 240km by road North West of Kalgoorlie. The company plans to permanently isolate hazardous wastes including NORM and Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources through a combination of methodologies including borehole and in-cell disposal in accordance with IAEA best practice.


Tracerco, part of Johnson Matthey Plc, is a world leading industrial technology company providing unique and specialised detection, diagnostic and measurement solutions. Our award winning Monitors and Services business provide items for sale and hire, testing and re-calibration. We offer products relating to site radiography, radiation survey meters and an extended family of Personal Electronic Dosimeters (PEDs), providing a solution for every radiation monitoring and radiation management need.


The University of Adelaide encompasses the Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS) and the new Centre for Radiation Research, Education and Innovation (CRREI). Together they bring a wealth of research and industry experience. IPAS is a global hub of photonics research, fostering excellence in research in materials science, chemistry, biology and physics. The CRREI provides radiation-related research and education across multiple disciplines and delivers services including radionuclide analysis, environmental monitoring and geochronology.